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The drug Valium belongs to the category of psychotropic medicinal drugs operating in zircaloy nervous system. Valium appointed as a benzodiazepine derivative, the active component of which is diazepam decreases anxiety subcortical areas of the brain responsible for emotional reactions and communication with the cortex , buy valium online ! The increase of inhibitory processes in synapses under the influence of diazepam occurs as a result facilitate GABAergic transmission due to the formation of the complex substance of the specific GABA-receptor. Valium enhances the affinity of the receptor to GABA, produces acceleration of the emergence of hyperpolarization postsynaptic membrane and significant inhibition of the neuronal activity.

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The drug has serotoninergicheskie, noradrainergicescuu, dopaminergic action. Valium has the following effects: anxiolytic, antiarrhythmic, muscle relaxant, moderately-sedative, antispasmodic, potentiating and anticonvulsant. By increasing presynaptic inhibition stops the propagation of epileptiform activity. On a background of reception of Valium reduced blood pressure, occurs expansion of coronary vessels, increases the threshold of sensitivity to pain. The drug suppresses the vestibular paroxysms, reduces the secretion of gastric juice. The therapeutic response observed after a week (when paresthesias, cardialgia, arrhythmias) - buy valium for sale Indications for use: Valium is indicated for: - inflammatory conditions; - withdrawal conditions; - anxiety disorders; - muscle hypertonicity; - progressive chronic polyarthritis; - cerebral palsy spastic nature; - primary, secondary hypertension; dysphoria; insomnia; - spastic conditions of the injuries; - tetanus; - arthritis; - vertebral syndrome; atetoz; - bursitis; - angina; - headache

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Valium in combination with Diazepam prescribed by a psychiatrist. After certain changes in my life became very whiny, sometimes irritable, could among the eyes to Wake up and sit for an hour to cry. Sometimes there is a feeling of fear, afraid to be alone in the apartment. Went to a therapist who after hearing I was sent to a psychiatrist. At first I was upset, but then I thought that a psychiatrist is not one of the crazies is directed. All told in detail by a specialist, I was prescribed treatment - 1/2 tablet of Valium before bedtime. Literally from the second dose I felt real relief. I have the feeling that my brain began to relax. Stopped to visit the bad thoughts to stop being afraid and to cry. Now not taking medication, but I feel great. I myself gave install, no event should bring the person to this state, because life is one. But Valium still lies in the Cabinet (and just in case :) )